Day #3 - What Ian was listening to as he passed...


We set up an Ipod to play the following songs non stop on his final day. This was his favorite spiritual tape, and is considered a classic in our family, because it reminds Joie and I of our time in San Francisco. We listened to this tape often. A lot.

More than you think :)

There were a good 15-20 songs on the tape we had looping, but when we knew Ian had passed, I listened in on the headphones to see if I could tell what was playing. The song is called "Govinda Jaya Jaya."

This is a song of great praise! "Jaya! jaya!" compares to "Hallelujah!"

Govinda, and Gopala are names of God in childhood form. Govinda means "protector of cows" and Gopala means "friend of the cows." To satisfy his devotees, God takes the form of a young child, tending the cows. He has many adventures in this form, fighting demons and playing games with the young boys and girls who also tend the cow herds. God encourages us to love him, as we would love a child, as we would love our own child. It is considered a very sweet form of God to serve, similar in the US to devoting oneself to the baby Jesus. We serve as parents or protectors, but with unconditional love.

Hari is the name of God that refers to his ability to steal the devotee's heart. Hari removes one from the earthly world of disease and death, bringing the devotee back to the heavenly realm, a place of eternal love and peace.

This song is in praise to Govinda! It is the last song Ian listened to. Here's the link:

If you have difficulty streaming the song, right-click on the link, chose Save Target As..and save to your hard drive. MP3s can be opened in a variety of audio players, including Windows Media Player.

Govinda Jaya Jaya
govinda jaya jaya, gopala jaya jaya, radha-ramana-hari, govinda jaya jaya

All glories to Lord Sri Govinda! All glories to Lord Sri Gopala!
All glories to Lord Sri Hari, the partner of Radharani,
All glories to Lord Sri Govinda!

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