My Dear Friends,

At 7:40 am, while listening to his favorite tape of spiritual music, and while surrounded by his family, my son Ian passed peacefully from this world into the next. I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for your prayers and support over the last several months of his illness. My family could not have made it through this time without that help.

Ian lives on in our hearts and memories, but his soul also lives on in a very real way. He is in a better place now than I can conceive, on an unimaginable adventure. Please do not grieve for him, or for those who do not yet follow on that adventure. This is a time to celebrate his life and his passing. It was his wish, and it is mine as well.


  1. I always thought that the yellow house he kept in his hand was a physical thing that we couldn’t see but he could. As he was dying, I walked into the hallway and stopped. The world became clear and crisp for a moment, as if someone had wiped it clean. The sun peaked over the mountains and shot a beam on sunshine into the hallway, illuminating the dust particles in the air. For reasons unknown, I reached out my hand to them, and in that first beam of light my fingers cast a shadow on my hand. It was a house. Bordered by black where my fingers were, and glowing, as though it was cut from a soft golden cloth. I knew then that it was alright, and I should be glad. I knew it was alright, because I knew about the house. The house was an idea, and not a thing. It was soft, and bright, and warm and it would always be there, even if you couldn’t see it. Thanks you for keeping his memory alive dad.

  2. Well, After reading Jacksens tribute i think its fair to assume he is much better than i am at this. But here goes. During the last couple weeks when I came to see Ian everyone was saying he was totally out of it and i could say something but he wasn't likely to notice. the second to last time i saw him i was giving him a hug and holding his hand. I started to cry, thinking of how much i was going to miss him when he suddenly squeezed my hand with strength far surpassing what he had exhibited for quite a while and said "I love you Kevin more than anything." clear as day. I think that was part of his letting go process. He had to say something to or about at least everyone in his family. including his unborn niece/nephew. i will miss him. But i will do everything in my power to keep the memory of such an amazing and selfless brother alive. Im almost done ready to record Yellow house and my tribute piece on my shoulder is halfway done. i will miss you baby brother but you are Forever In Our Hearts.